Bye Bye Summer

I felt it Friday morning…that slight cool breeze…..the tell that summer in SoCal is over.

So in honor of my favorite time of year, here is an adorable summer beach session!

Bye Bye Summer!  See you next year….or maybe around Christmas…Christmas last year was amazing….just saying!  ;)


Totes Adorable

yup, i just said it….

my daughter came home and said “totes” the other day and i about died.

“what in the world is totes?” i asked her….

“i dunno mom, but its totes cool”.


anyways, after a google search and some texts to my younger friends, i was able to figure out totes…and i think it totes applies to this family.

this was a Itty Bitty Session for all those people who are fearful they won’t get what they need out of it.

its quick and painless and perfect if your not looking for the whole super sized session!!!

have a great weekend!!